Alec Clawson Contemporary Hip Hop Workshop

Alec Clawson Contemporary Hip Hop Workshop
Friday, October 6
6:30-8:00 pm

at Capitol Movement Studio
Located in Sport & Health, Capitol Hill (315 G St, SE, Washington, DC)
$25 CMI Company | $30 Non-CMI Company ($35 at the door)

Space is limited, please register in advance

Alec Clawson is a young dancer, choreographer, and videographer originally from Woodbridge, Virginia. his untiring work ethic has brought him to many successful jobs and experiences along his journey in Los Angeles. Since the age of 11, Alec's been living in North Hollywood to pursue his dreams. As a dancer, Alec has worked on many TV projects with Nickelodeon, Disney, and ABC, as well as in music videos and commercials including "Papi" featuring Jennifer Lopez, "Black Eyed Pea's Experience" the game for XBOX and Wii Systems, and "TTYLAXOX" featuring Bella and Zendaya ... aka ... Rocky and CeCe from the Shake It Up (Disney) cast. As a choreographer Alec has assisted in numerous industry projects and has staged and produced his own Carnival Choreographer's Ball pieces since the age of 16. Most recently he's been performing with the Michael Jackson ONE - Cirque Du Solieil show in Las Vegas and he's appeared on television performing on So You Think You Can Dance and at The Grammys.

Alec Clawson Contemporary Hip Hop Workshop
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